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ASA Computers offers top of the line server solutions at an affordable cost for our customers. We provide a large selection of server products that can fit the needs of your business with ease. Learn more about our selection of server solutions to increase your business's current server abilities using the best products on the market, while managing costs.

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Experts in the computing and networking industry, ASA Computers Inc. is the leader in creating positive results and improve ROI in the processor market. Using the latest ingenuity and techniques, ASA Computers Inc. provides our consumers with the latest and best technology to improve production in business and residential situations for everyone. Dedication to the open architecture and multi-OS support enables ASA Computers Inc. to provide wider solutions across a broad choice of platforms. Our team provides quality products and services for the following tech solutions below.
Rackmount Servers
Rackmount Servers enable businesses to implement the fastest and most dependable servers on the market. Available in dual core, quad core, six core and eight core, these are the best servers on the market. Many of our servers are backed by Intel, the leader in servers throughout the industry. Perfect for network infrastructure, these hot-swappable SAS/SCSI/SATA drives are great for businesses looking to create redundancies and backups, while leaving room to grow your server.
Storage Servers
ASA Computers Inc's storage servers are among the best on the market. These industry-leading platforms enable business to create the needed amount of storage, while creating a plan to increase storage in the future. Minimize your down time and expand your storage capabilities with these trusted servers.
Blade Servers
Improve your rack computing abilities by installing a blade server while reducing your overhead costs. These particular servers help reduce your cost of ownership, while providing enhanced processing and storage abilities. Customization options upon request.
Virtualization Servers
Enter the virtual market using one of our quality virtualization servers. Perfect to assist Intel Xeon Processors, these servers use minimal power, provide quieter processing, and expands your storage abilities.
Customized Services
ASA Computers Inc. is able to provide customizable services such as rack storage and cabling services. Sit back and let ASA Computers Inc. provide turn-key server and cabling solutions to generate ROI and faster server processing.