ASA Computers Inc. is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company and has been the leader in server products, computing and networking since 1989. We pride ourselves in providing superior server design at competitive costs. Our servers help individuals, companies and organizations to provide more efficient work with a higher ROI for products and services. ASA Computers Inc. has met these challenges with ingenuity and clever solutions to reduce costs, decreased time-to-market, and deliver consistent quality.

Our team of experts stays dedicated to learning and implementing the latest platforms, which provides our customers with access and knowledge to the best setup for their needs. The open architecture allows us to configure systems using industry-standard components that help an easy/cost-effective upgrade path and lets us custom-configure systems exactly to our client's needs. There are many Operating Systems in existence today. ASA Computers has been following and keeping up with the *BSD, Linux, MS Windows, and Solaris Operating System environments since their inception. We test for system compatibilities with the help of various communities and do our own testing in our lab.

ASA Computers offers a wide variety of engineering capabilities and has delivered products for the Datacenter industry that include rack mounted servers, fully rack integrated large systems and industrial computing systems. We provide a systems level perspective to solve complex data center problems using innovative design and latest engineering techniques.

ASA Computers provides quality and efficiency your business needs combined with the great technical knowledge of our staff. We provide quality products at prices your business deserves with customer support that stays high above the mark. Always Delivers the Promises of Quality and Ease of Use. We offer complete support on all our products with depot warranty to next day on-site service. Our Technical staff is knowledgeable and quick enough to help you with the fast changing technology. We hope to assist your business with its technology needs today!


ASA Computers Inc. offers a wide range of solutions based on various platforms, which are designed to most of our customer's Business objectives. On the other hand we also understand the need of special requirements from specific business which needs unique custom solution.

Rackmount Servers

Servers designed for optimal performance, processor Server series support eight core/six core/quad-core/dual-core processors in a high-density. With best-in-class memory architecture, hot-swappable SAS/SCSI/SATA drives, universal expansion slots, ideal for network infrastructure, front-end enterprise, and minimal-downtime cluster server systems.

Storage Servers

Providing the standards you want with the technological innovations you need for rapid integration, flexibility, and simplified management. Built with industry-leading business platforms, our servers allow quick & easy scaling for future storage expansion. Servers ideal for performance, high availability, scalability, minimized down time, max storage, redundancy & failover capabilities, & rapid data recovery.

Blade Servers

Blade servers with highest efficiency power supplies increases the maximum computing power per rack and lowers the total cost of ownership (TCO), provide the industry's highest performing and most optimized new generation blade solutions. Build for high capacity use and business growth, our blade servers provide one of the highest ROIs available in the industry.

Virtualization Servers

We specialize in configuring virtualization based servers that dramatically improve the efficiency and availability of resources & applications. Server is a hosted virtualization platform that installs like an application on any existing server hardware making your server virtual. Optimized for multi core Intel Processor, these extreme low power and quiet solutions deliver the best expansion and storage features.

Other Services

In addition, ASA offers a fully customized rack, stack and cabling service integrated in custom enclosures. This results in a complete turn-key deployment for customers. ASA offers field deployment services, custom consulting, assessment and file management services offerings. Customer education and managed services are also available to simplify the administrator burden.

Data Center Expertise

ASA Computer's deep application-level expertise spans all major IPDC segments, including Computational Structural Mechanics, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Electromagnetic Compatibility, Computational Chemistry, Computational Biology, Seismic Processing and Interpretation, Reservoir Simulation, Rendering & Ray Tracing, Climate/Weather/Ocean Simulation and Data Analytics.

Racklive is our full system division, in which we do Rack, Stack and Cable, crate and ship full system, roll in to data center and do the field deploy. Our team can assist in implementing a fully configured rack server for your business with ease. With the best products in the industry, our rackmount servers are supported with the power of Intel Processors and can increase storage space, be flexible for growth and provide lightning fast speeds when needed for your business. Please visit us www.racklive.com for more information.

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