OEM appliance design and development process

Design & Development

OEM Appliance Design and Development Process:

Design of custom appliance solution begins with a broad range of issue to be considered and addressed in the entire product development cycle. The initial prototype addresses all the functional aspect of the appliance just to make sure that the hardware is fully functional and compatible with application covering all the specified details.

Once the functional part of appliance is approved, the second stage covers your customization design needs for your approval that includes branding need silk screening, acrylic raised labels etc.

The third and final stage of design includes complete documentation including manual, drivers, checklist and the certifications (UL, CE and FCC) required for your appliance solution.




Order manufacturing process follows the detailed specification and instructions for your appliance and maintains uniformity, revision control to guarantee consistency. To maintain quality of your product each following aspect is dealt with -


  • Full caution and Supervision
  • Component Testing
  • System Assembly
  • Burn-In and Stress Testing
  • Testing with your Software and custom image loading
  • Quality Inspection
  • Assemble consistency
  • Revision control