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Intel is well known for their processors. Intel invents at the boundaries of technology to make amazing experiences possible for business and society, and for every person on Earth. For more than a decade, Intel has entrusted ASA Computers as one of its platinum partners who sells, installs, and offers support for each product in Intel's extensive portfolio.
Intel Platinum Partner

Why ASA Computers?

ASA's Intel platinum partnership stands as a reason to trust our team with your computer needs. The partnership reflects a decade of gathered and applied industry knowledge. Through our Intel platinum partnership, our team excels at providing Intel products and maintenance to customers like you, to meet computer hardware challenges. Our relationship with Intel means you as the customer benefit with their technological successes.

A lineup of the Intel products ASA promotes include Intel Processors and Solid State Drives. By implementing the advanced Intel products, we can consistently resolve IT issues, such as device performance, storage and software problems. Our platinum partnership with Intel is a significant part of our focus, and our team has exceptional knowledge of Intel products to effectively install and maintenance Intel products that deliver high speed performance and computing power.

Our team seeks to help you meet your technological needs through its Intel partnership. Being a Intel platinum partner gives us an advantage against competitors, to offer you the highest quality service and latest technologies when it comes to Intel products. ASA Computers is proud to integrate Intel® Xeon® Scalable platforms and solutions into our design practice.

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3rd Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors

Empowering transformation in the data-centric era

The Intel® Xeon® Scalable platform provides the foundation for an evolutionary leap forward in data center agility and scalability. Disruptive by design, this innovative processor sets a new level of platform convergence and capabilities across compute, storage, memory, network, and security.

Intel Xeon Platinum

Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processor Overview

Intel Xeon Gold

3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors deliver industry-leading, workload-optimized platforms with built-in AI acceleration, providing a seamless performance foundation to help speed data's transformative impact, from the multi-cloud to the intelligent edge and back. 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors with hardware-enhanced security can help thwart malicious exploits while maintaining workload integrity, with reduced performance overhead. Provide trusted service delivery with high availability and encryption efficiency at rest, in-use, and in-flight. I brings innovations and hardware-enhanced virtualization across compute, network, storage, and persistent memory that help fuel cost-efficient, flexible, and scalable multi-cloud to consistently deliver amazing business-to-business and business-to-consumer experiences.

Optimized for Orchestration

Next Gen Platform


Pervasive Performance with built-in AI Acceleration

Enhanced Security

Advanced Security Technologies

Check out our new Intel® Xeon® processor Scalable Family Systems.

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Intel® Xeon® Processor Scalable Family

Whitley provides significant performance combined with a rich feature set based on cutting edge technology resulting in compelling benefits across a broad variety of usage models. We believe it is the biggest data center platform advancement.

Xeon Silver
Xeon Platinum
Xeon Gold

Pervasive Performance with built-in AI Acceleration and Advanced Security Technologies

More Core Up to 1.42X more cores per processor. 40 core ice lake VS. 28 core cascade lake.

Increased PerformanceUp to 1.40X general compute1 up to 1.52x technical compute2. On top bin ice lake SKU offering VS. top bin cascade lake

The Intel AdvantageReady-to-use AI, Security, I/O, PMEM & more. AVX-512, DL boost, SGX3, Cryto acceleration, TME3, VBMI, DDIO, speed select, rdt, Optane persistent memory & much more.

Similar or Lower PriceCompatred to cascade lake. Majority of ice lake skuS ARE AVAILABLE AT similar or lower price points compared to 2S cascade lake

A Glimpse Inside the Intel® Xeon® Processor Scalable Family platform


FabricIntel® Omni-Path Architecture


NetworkingIntel® Ethernet


AcceleratorsIntel® QuickAssist Intel® AVX-512


SSDsIntel® Optane SSD DC P5800X


ComplementaryIntel® FPGA


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