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nvidia l40s 48gb graphics card

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NVIDIA L40S 48GB Deep Learning GPU Graphics Card

Powered by NVIDIA Ada Lovelace Architecture, the NVIDIA L40S GPU is the most powerful universal GPU for data centers, offering comprehensive acceleration for the next generation of AI-enabled applications. It excels in applications ranging from generative AI, LLM inference, and small-model training and fine-tuning to 3D graphics, rendering, and video applications. The L40S GPU meets the latest data center standards and is Network Equipment-Building System Level 3 ready, and features secure boot with root of trust technology, providing additional security for data centers.

Key Applications:

  • Generative AI
  • LLM inference
  • LLM fine-tuning and small-model training
  • Rendering and 3D graphics
  • Streaming and video content

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