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Joel Wineland

Joel Wineland

Chief Technology Officer

Joel Wineland serves ASA/Racklive as Chief Technology Officer. While perhaps most at home on a console or holding a screwdriver in the test lab or data center, he now spends much of his time leading technology strategy, manufacturing automation and product engineering for ASA / Racklive.

In his more than 17 years in the computer hardware industry, Joel has been honored to serve in a range of leadership, product development, data center support and engineering roles for companies such as Dell, Avnet and Rackspace Managed Hosting. His experience has afforded the opportunity to function as both consumer and supplier across a spectrum of functions including field professional services, customer support, project leadership, product development and technology strategy.

Joel is "fanatical" concerning the value of openness, transparency and collaboration in technology and in business. Whether in his role as a founding member of the Open Compute Incubation Committee, or while designing and validating the first OpenStack Swift and "Nova" hardware platforms for the Rackspace Cloud, Joel has had the opportunity to see first hand that such "Openness" leads to diverse and impactful innovation and distinctive value.

As a member of the ASA/Racklive family, Joel is proud to serve his team and many of the worlds most distinctive data center consumers, helping to build world class solutions and lasting relationships on a foundation of open collaboration and innovative thinking.

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