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Full Immersion Cooling with SLIC - Single-phase Liquid Immersion Coolants


ASA Computers is now a partner of Engineered Fluids to offer the highest quality, safest, and most cost effective dielectric thermal management fluids and cooling solutions engineered for Single-phase, Liquid Immersion Cooling to the market.

Engineered Fluids is a privately held company based in Tyler, Texas. Our management team has over 60 years of experience in the development of new technologies and over 30 years of experience delivering safe, effective coolants and industrial functional fluids. Our goal is simple - we want to change the way the world cools all electronic devices and help our planet at the same time! We believe that we can reduce the energy demands and increase the performance of any electrical device that generates waste heat (which is all of them!). Our Single-phase, Liquid Immersion Cooling technology is simplest, most efficient cooling method available for electrical devices. In addition SLIC is the by far the most effective means of containing and transporting waste heat for reuse in 100's of uses from pre-heating boiler water, heating buildings / green houses / fish ponds, and preventing ice formation of roads, sidewalks and roofs.
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Environmentally Sustainable

Environmentally Sustainable

Zero Global Warming Potential - Biodegradable, non-toxic, not flammable

Safe For People

Safe For People

Eliminates Health Hazards - Non-allergenic, no vapors or smell, no impact on skin

Platform Independent

Material Compatibility

Verified & Warranted - Tested and proven compatibility with a wide range of materials

Engineered Fluids Solutions

SLIC Solutions for Data Centers, Colocation Facilities, & Central Offices

Data Center and colocation operators face a serious challenge in how to keep their facilities relevant in the face of faster and hotter compute platforms. The latest CPUs, GPUs, and servers are getting both smaller in footprint, faster in processing, and therefore substantially hotter than ever before.

Traditional methods of air-cooling can no longer keep pace with thermal management requirements of these new devices.In addition, the space, complexity, maintenance, capital and operating costs of a traditional CRAC retrofit destroys margins while not even buying enough head-room to ever recover the investment.

What is needed is an entirely new approach to data center cooling. An approach that:

  • Enables PUEs of 1.03-1.05 without exotic locations, engineering, or hyper scale
  • Reduces capital investment by up to 40%
  • IT Room footprints up to 80%
  • and Operating costs by up to 50%
  • While enabling off the shelf servers to achieve NEBs compliance with no additional engineering.

Single-phase, Liquid Immersion Cooling, known as SLIC is the solution.

SLIC is simple to deploy, operate, and maintain. There is no other data center cooling solution available that enables up to 1500kW/sq.ft of cooling & power in only 1,500sq.ft of IT space. SLIC can support over 200kW per rack and up to 96 blade servers in a 56RU rack, while also delivering a massive reduction in electrical power usage and on-going operating costs regardless of the number of servers deployed.

The future of 5G, AI, IoT, Mobile Edge Compute, Real-time services, Self-driving cars, Augmented Reality, Geophysical Engineering, and Movie and Graphics Rendering all rely on the use of GPUs and CPUs exceeding power densities from 250-500W per chip, in devices deployed in quantity right at the edge of the network. SLIC is the only cooling solution that provides the ability to scale up or down on a linear cost and operations basis to enable these applications to live at the Edge.

SLIC solution for Datacenter

A closed system with 8x 850W blade servers operating in a 4U footprint. The system supports up to 2kW of heat rejection per device (up to 16kW per 4RU) utilizing Engineered Fluids' ElectroCool Dielectric Coolant flowing at 1L/kW/min @5psi.

Single-phase Liquid Immersion Cooling for cryptocurrency and  blockchain

Single-phase, Liquid Immersion Cooling for Cryptocurrency & BlockChain

Once you determine which coin to mine, there are only three factors that impact your ability to make a profit in cryptocurrency mining. While you cannot control the exchange rates, you must be hyper-focused on your hashrates and your power usage, if not you are literally allowing your potential profitably blow away in wind (or should we say fan noise)!

Single-phase, Liquid Immersion Cooling (SLIC) is the most cost effective way to get the maximum hashrate from any ASIC or GPU based miner. By immersing your mining hardware in our specially formulated BitCool BC-888 Dielectric Coolant you have the ability to dramatically reduce your overall power costs and dramatically increase your hashrates.

SLIC is so efficient because our purpose engineered BitCool Dielectric Coolant has more than 1,600x the heat density of air, By immersing your miners in BC-888 Dielectric Coolant you can eliminate all the air handling units, barn fans, A/C units, even the fans on the miners themselves (and by the way all those fans can consume up 35% of all the energy you are buying!).

In addition, because BitCool BC-888 is so efficient at removing heat you can safely overclock your miner's hashrate without endangering your expensive equipment. This is critical because if you are going to overclock you must keep your equipment within its safe operational temperature range or you risk catastrophic heat related failures.

One the best features of SLIC is of course the noise, or rather the lack of noise! When you eliminate all those fans, you instantly cut fan noise to zero, we guarantee your family, friends and neighbors will really appreciate the new silence, and so will you!

Engineered Fluids Products

Engineered Fluids' SLICTanks<sup>®</sup>

Engineered Fluids' SLICTank G4-2640 - 6 Tank Stack @ 1.2MW

Engineered Fluids' SLICTanks®

The High Performance Single-phase, Liquid Immersion Cooling System for Crypto-currency Mining & Blockchain Devices

Engineered Fluids' SLICTanks represent the most advanced designed single-phase, liquid immersion cooling tanks available today. The SLICTank Generation 4 design is the culmination of over 3 years and $500K in computational flow analysis to develop the optimal shape, flow, and design for increasing hash rate performance through the best fluid flow management and heat transfer performance!

Maximize your Hashing Performance!

The most important advantage provided by SLIC for crypto/blockchain is the ability to safety overclock your miners to increase hashing performance without exceeding the devices ASIC, GPU, or FPGA manufacturer's skin temperature (typically 100C). This allows you to safely hash faster while protecting your valuable equipment and reducing maintenance. The Engineered Fluids' SLICTank has been optimized to provide the highest flow rate and highest heat dissipation available using Engineerd Fluids' BitCool or ElectroCool Dielectric Coolants. Our proprietary, adjustable flow control management system ensures even and full flow to every device in a SLICTank providing maximum performance even when supporting various devices in a single tank.

Proprietary Non-Conductive, Low Thermal-Density Epoxy Construction

Engineered Fluids' SLICTanks are constructed entirely from our proprietary non-conductive, low thermal-density epoxy resin which we have formulated to be specifically compatible with our BitCool and ElectroCool coolants. This material and construction technique provides tremendous advantages over common steel and aluminum tank designs.

  • Our non-conductive epoxy material provide additional safety over steel or aluminum. Should a device come into contact with a conductive tank, the entire tank infrastructure including any metallic piping can become a high-voltage shock hazard which can be very difficult to trace. Our non-conductive materials and piping provide outstanding user safety by fully insulating any electrical shorts away from your technicians and isolating them to the device.
  • Our low thermal-density epoxy material provides outstanding thermal containment, keeping the waste heat in the tank enabling up to 98% effective thermal capture by the coolant. Compared to steel and aluminum tanks which act as heat radiators, thus requiring extensive A/C cooling due to radiated heat.
  • SLICTanks' unique design enable up to 80 3m tanks to be packed into a single 40ft shipping container.
  • Lightweight design enables stacking of up to 6 tanks high using standard commercial cantilever pallet racks, which allow for front loading of fully configured tanks into the rack using a forklift or side loader.
  • Three standard tank sizes are available: 8/24/48 S9 sized miners and custom tanks lengths up to 5800mm / 19ft are available for optimized support of specific devices.
  • Integrated flange support on both end caps allows the customer to choose from various pipe sizes and thread types depending on their regional standard including: NPT / DN / BSPP / BSPT ranging in size from 25mm-50mm / 1in - 2in. Flange hole cutting in end cap can be done in the field using off-the-shelf hole cutters, allowing for design and piping flexibility.
  • Fluid insertion and removal can be accomplished from either side or both sides of tank depending on length and fluid routing requirements. A tank overflow safety port is integrated into both end caps to prevent tank overflow.
  • Manufacturing scalability - Engineered Fluids can produce over 1,000 9m tanks per month with our current manufacturing infrastructure and we can scale to over 5,000 tanks within in 3 months.
SLICTanks Generation 4 Specifications
BitCool<sup>®</sup> Dielectric Coolant

BitCool® Dielectric Coolant

High Performance Single-phase, Liquid Immersion Cooling of ASIC-based Miners

BitCool BC-888 has been engineered specifically for use in open SLIC tank solutions and for material compatibility with ASIC based cryptocurrency miners and similar blockchain applications.

If you are using GPUs or FPGAs for mining, you will need to use our ElectroCool EC-100 Dielectric Coolant due to material compatibility issues.

BitCool Dielectric Coolant is 98% biodegradable, non-toxic, non-halogenated, non-corrosive, food grade, and 100% ozone safe. In addition, the use and manufacture of BitCool Dielectric Coolants release no toxic waste, vapors, or smell into your home, office, or workplace.

BitCool is available in 20L, 200L, and 1,000L containers.

Key Characteristics of BitCool Dielectric Coolant

BitCool Technical Data Sheet
CoolFluid<sup>®</sup> Dielectric Coolant

CoolFluid® Dielectric Coolant

Single-phase, Liquid Immersion Cooling for Hobbyists

CoolFluid Dielectric Coolant has been specifically formulated for use by hobbyists and educational users for simple robotic and electric motor cooling in drones and small vehicles using arduino and raspberry pi for controls. CoolFluid is safe for use at home and in the classroom and is materially compatible with education robot kits including: mBot-STEM Educational Robot Kit for Kids, Thymio2, Robotics Dream, MOSS, and Lego Mindstorms

CoolFluid Dielectric Coolant is 98% biodegradable, non-toxic, non-halogenated, non-corrosive, food grade and 100% ozone safe. In addition, the use and manufacture of CoolFluid Dielectric Coolants release no toxic waste, vapors, or smell into your home, office, or workplace.

CoolFluids is available in 4L and 20L containers.

Educator's discount is available upon request.

Key Characteristics of CoolFluid Dielectric Coolant

Product ID CoolFluid
Application Single-phase, Liquid Immersion Cooling of Simple Robotics
Appearance Light Blue Tint
Key Characteristic Compatibility with Education Robotic Kits
Viscosity (cSt) @ 100C 3.89
Specific Heat (kJ/kg*C) @ 100C 2.2030
Specific Heat (kJ/kg*C) @ 40C 2.0539
Flash Point (C) 156
Viscosity (cSt) @ 40C 11.22
Pour Point (C) 10
Density, g/cc @ 16C 0.81
Thermal Conductivity (W/m*K) 40C 0.1394
Thermal Conductivity (W/m*K) 100C 0.1372
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion, volume/C 0.00067

Key Characteristics of ElectroCool Dielectric Coolants

ElectroCool® Dielectric Coolant

Engineered for Single-phase, Liquid Immersion Cooling of Electronics

Servers, GPUs, FPGAs and other semiconductors operate at increasingly high energy densities and in ever smaller packaging.

The challenge of cooling with dielectric fluid immersion has been the lack of purpose engineered coolants that are easy to use and safe for the general user and environment.

Single-phase, Liquid Immersion Cooling (SLIC) is the most effective way to manage, remove, and control waste heat for electronics.

Full immersion Cooling of electronics in Engineered Fluids Dielectric Coolants is the simplest and most reliable way of ensuring that semiconductors and electronics remain at their optimum operating temperatures without the need to use fans, complex designs, and the limitations of air as a cooling medium.

The challenge of cooling with dielectric fluid immersion has been the lack of purpose engineered coolants that are easy to use and safe for the general user and environment.

This was further complicated by the need to ensure and warranty material compatibility with the immersed components and coolants while ensuring the operational health and safety of personnel, and eliminating any negative environmental impacts posed by the coolants' manufacture and use. ‚Äč Engineered Fluids' ElectroCool Dielectric Coolants effectively solve all these challenges. ElectroCool Dielectric Coolants are 98% biodegradable, non-toxic, non-halogenated, food grade and 100% ozone safe. In addition, the use and manufacture of ElectroCool Dielectric Coolants release no toxic waste or vapors into the workplace or environment, making Engineered Fluids' ElectroCool coolants easy to transport, use and clean up.

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