Edge-Core DCS240 AS9726-32DB-O-AC-F-US 400G Open Switch


Edgecore DCS240 AS9726-32DB-O-AC-F 400G Switch

edgecore dcs240 as9726-32db-o-ac-f 400g switch

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SKU: 9726-32DB-O-AC-F
The Edgecore DCS240 9726-32DB-O-AC-F is a leaf switch for high-performance data centers. The switch provides L2 and L3 switching across the 32 x QSFP56-DD ports, each supporting 1 x 400 GbE or 1 x 100 GbE, or via breakout cables 2 x 200 GbE, 4 x 100 GbE, or 4 x 25 GbE. The DCS240 can be deployed as a Top-of-Rack or leaf switch supporting 100/400 GbE interconnects. This open network switch is loaded with the Open Network Install Environment (ONIE), which supports the installation of compatible Network Operating System soſtware, including the open source options, plus commercial NOS offerings.
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