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Start your project with a comprehensive evaluation
At ASA Computers, our goal is to provide our clients with insight and recommendations so they can meet their goals for growth and success. A good place to start is with a comprehensive assessment to evaluate how technology is supporting and aligned with the business goals.

Our engineers and consultants maintain the highest levels of certification and are continuously learning and keeping up to date with the newest technological advancements to ensure that our customers get the best advice.

And, ASA Computers project management office provides guidance to the projects and programs that we manage.


Application and system protection are ASA Computers specialty both on-premise and in the cloud. We start by assessing your current data protection needs, then work with leading IT vendors to provide best-in-class solutions that can work in different IT environments.

To help you determine where you stand for backup and recovery in your IT environment, we offer two different assessments:

Assessment 1

It is an health check for your current systems. Upon the completion of this assessment, our team will make recommendations for key changes and improvements.

Assessment 2

It is for growth and readiness to help us determine if we need to re-architect a backup and recovery solution for new IT infrastructure expansion areas. If you are looking to migrate from your current data protection solution, we also provide a sizing assessment. With each assessment, you will also gain a policy analysis for how your data is being protected so you can meet various regulatory standards–HIPAA and PCI for example. We will run different tests to make sure you are compliant.

Bridge To Cloud Assessments

First, our engineers assess what existing infrastructure can be cost effectively leveraged or optimized over the short, mid and long-term. Then we evaluate the best solution investment for the target environment, taking advantage of cloud services where it makes sense and meets your business needs. Upon completion, you will receive a report providing the baseline assessment, a clear summary of the business objectives, and a roadmap outlining steps or recommendations for areas of remediation, tactical improvement, and strategic direction to leverage the cloud where it makes sense.

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