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Global On-site Servers

Now selling servers with global on-site service and 3 years warranty.

GO Server – Configurations

Type CPU Memory HDD SKU
1 16 GB 2 TB GO-4C-16-2 See Details
1 16 GB 4 TB GO-4C-16-4 See Details
1 24 GB 6 TB GO-4C-24-6 See Details
1 32 GB 8 TB GO-4C-32-8 See Details
1 32 GB 12 TB GO-4C-32-12 See Details
1 64 GB 16 TB GO-4C-64-16 See Details
1 96 GB 20 TB GO-14C-96-20 See Details
1 96 GB 24 TB GO-14C-96-24 See Details
2 128 GB 32 TB GO-14C-128-32 See Details
2 192 GB 40 TB GO-14C-192-40 See Details

All servers are with global on-site service!

Want to know more?

For more information about this product please contact our sales specialist at 650-320-8000. You can also email us at sales@asacomputers.com or click on the below button.

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