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ASA Computers is now a partner of Formecia Optoelectronics Inc. to provide optoelectronic solutions and to offer comprehensive optical solutions for data centers, cloud service providers, telecom, datacom, storage servers, video surveillance, industrial control, 5G/4G/LTE backhaul and broadcasting applications.

Formerica OptoElectronics is a manufacturer of optical transceiver products, delivering innovative and customizable optical solutions to customers worldwide. Headquartered in Taiwan and established in 2000, Formerica manufactures in Taiwan with Sales, Marketing and FAE support in North America.
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5G technology requires a network infrastructure that can support the billions of devices and the trillions of megabits of data that will flood the network.

Increased speeds with lower attenuation, immunity to electromagnetic interference, small size, and virtually unlimited bandwidth potential are among the many reasons fiber is ideal.

Optical fiber is already the preferred medium for existing wireless backhaul networks, and even in networks where this is not the case, the wireless backhaul eventually needs to connect into a fiber backhaul. Fiber will also be preferred for what is known as "fronthaul," connecting the dense mesh of 5G small cells.

5G Solution

Data Centers

Data Center

As the speed of supercomputing clusters continues to accelerate, the cloud computing and data center markets demand higher speed interconnections to support the increasing bandwidth needs. Optical fiber is ideal for these applications.

To assure the lowest operating cost, data centers require high reliability, and low power consumption.

Total acquisition cost is therefore the key parameter in product selection.

Formerica's proprietary designs and technology assure the lowest total acquisition cost, and lead the industry in reliability, wide temperature range, and low power consumption offerings. Savings can be substantial.

Optical Networks

Fiber optics can easily overcome the bandwidth limitations inherent in copper data transmission solutions. Depending on the application, different types of transceivers can be used for backbone, metro, or access networking needs.

Formerica offers full range of products to serve these applications, including SFP, SFP+, QSFP+, QSFP28 form factors, AOC and AOC fanouts.

These products offer a variety of data rate, reach, temperature range, optical properties, electrical properties, connector types, sensitivity, and power consumption levels. All products are RoHS and TAA compliant.

Optical Network Solution

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