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ASA TRITON® Server - 1U X 6 GPU

ASA TRITON® Server - 1U X 6 GPU

  • More GPUs in a single node

  • Significantly faster processing time

  • AI/ML — Significant reduction in training time

  • High Performance Computing (HPC)

    Biochemistry — Aids in amino acids sequencing

    Environment Modeling — effective earthquake prediction

    High Frequency Trading — Increased volume of real-time financial transactions

  • Blockchain — Acceleration of Cryptocurrency mining

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ASA Triton® Server - 1U X 6 GPU

ASA's Triton is the first high-density server built specifically for immersion-cooling. It is not just a bare-bone design with fans removed. Starting with the meticulous engineering of its chassis, manufactured in the USA, then onto high-end componentry - CPU, Memory, NVME SSD, GPUs; the Triton server is a custom designed, custom manufactured, ultra-dense computing machine in a single 1U node. Often associated with high-density servers are the excessive heat generated. Since Triton was engineered for immersion-cooling, the additional heat is a non-factor due to the effective cooling properties of the tank fluid that has a larger cooling surface area than conventional air-cooled datacenters. The operating temperatures are regulated within a specific range allowing for components and the overall system to perform in optimal conditions.

Liquid Immersion Cooling

Engineered Fluids' SLICTanks®

The High Performance Single-phase, Liquid Immersion Cooling System for Crypto-currency Mining & Blockchain Devices

Engineered Fluids' SLICTanks represent the most advanced designed single-phase, liquid immersion cooling tanks available today. The SLICTank Generation 4 design is the culmination of over 3 years and $500K in computational flow analysis to develop the optimal shape, flow, and design for increasing hash rate performance through the best fluid flow management and heat transfer performance!

Maximize your Hashing Performance!

The most important advantage provided by SLIC for crypto/blockchain is the ability to safety overclock your miners to increase hashing performance without exceeding the devices ASIC, GPU, or FPGA manufacturer's skin temperature (typically 100C). This allows you to safely hash faster while protecting your valuable equipment and reducing maintenance. The Engineered Fluids' SLICTank has been optimized to provide the highest flow rate and highest heat dissipation available using Engineerd Fluids' BitCool or ElectroCool Dielectric Coolants. Our proprietary, adjustable flow control management system ensures even and full flow to every device in a SLICTank providing maximum performance even when supporting various devices in a single tank.

Datacenter Challanges


When you're OUT OF POWER to Meet business requirements

When you're OUT OF SPACE to Expand capacity to fit everything

When you're facing HIGH CAPITAL EXPENSES for a New data center

When HIGH POWER COSTS Require extreme Energy efficiency


When you need a True just-in-time EDGE COMPUTING solution

SLIC solution for Datacenter

A closed system with 8x 850W blade servers operating in a 4U footprint. The system supports up to 2kW of heat rejection per device (up to 16kW per 4RU) utilizing Engineered Fluids' ElectroCool Dielectric Coolant flowing at 1L/kW/min @5psi.

Liquid Immersion Cooling Solutions for Data Centers

Data Center and colocation operators face a serious challenge in how to keep their facilities relevant in the face of faster and hotter compute platforms. The latest CPUs, GPUs, and servers are getting both smaller in footprint, faster in processing, and therefore substantially hotter than ever before.

Traditional methods of air-cooling can no longer keep pace with thermal management requirements of these new devices.In addition, the space, complexity, maintenance, capital and operating costs of a traditional CRAC retrofit destroys margins while not even buying enough head-room to ever recover the investment.

What is needed is an entirely new approach to data center cooling. An approach that:

  • Enables PUEs of 1.03-1.05 without exotic locations, engineering, or hyper scale
  • Reduces capital investment by up to 40%
  • IT Room footprints up to 80%
  • and Operating costs by up to 50%
  • While enabling off the shelf servers to achieve NEBs compliance with no additional engineering.

Single-phase, Liquid Immersion Cooling, known as SLIC is the solution.

SLIC is simple to deploy, operate, and maintain. There is no other data center cooling solution available that enables up to 1500kW/sq.ft of cooling & power in only 1,500sq.ft of IT space. SLIC can support over 200kW per rack and up to 96 blade servers in a 56RU rack, while also delivering a massive reduction in electrical power usage and on-going operating costs regardless of the number of servers deployed.

Technical Specification

graphics processing unit (GPU)
6 x NVIDIA Tesla T4 75W 16GB GPU
GPU Memory
96GB (6 x 16GB)
15360 (6 x 2560)
Turing Tensor Cores
1920 (6 x 320)
Operating System
Supported Operating Systems
Ubuntu Linux OS
1x AMD EPYC 7302P 3.0GHz, 16 Core
Operating Temperature Range
20°C to 50°C
System Memory
5 TB

1x Dual 10GB Ethernet
Weight & Dimension
44 lbs
1.75 in
19 in
Length / Depth
31.5 in

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