Investing in GPU Computing Solutions

In this digital age, we need GPU computing to handle all the data and files. As predicted by venture capitalist Marc Andreesen, software and data are indeed “eating the world.”

Previously, data could be easily presented in columns and rows, and sorted, stored, and entered as it was structured. Now, most of it is unstructured as it comes from various databases, devices, and websites, and presented as graphics, images, videos, etc.

By using this extensive amount of data, companies and businesses can understand their customers in a better way which helps them to outline their future achievements.

All This Data

Machine learning and artificial intelligence use specific algorithms to learn new things by discovering patterns and harnessing data. That is where the problem arises.

The common central processing units (CPUs) are not able to compute the complex calculations involved in the modern tasks. The GPUs are more effective and better in handling the extensive data due to their higher computing power.

GPU-based ASA Servers are an important tool for processing tons of data, especially in deep learning processes. Although a CPU can handle unstructured data in hours or days, a GPU is capable of handling the same processes in just a few minutes or maybe seconds.

GPU is the Father of CPU

GPUs have been widely used in the past for video rendering and gaming purposes so they cannot be deemed as new. Their main function is to process big arrays of data in less time.

You might need several CPUs to equal the processing power of a single powerful GPU. However, GPUs are expensive than CPUs and not everybody can afford these “data processing beasts.”

Investing in GPUs

You can’t just go to a shop and purchase a GPU of your choice without keeping the processing power and your requirements in mind. So, consider these things beforehand:

  • Even a single powerful graphics card can be worth $9000. You might need about 3 to 4 GPUs for a deep learning project which can amount up to $40,000 or more.
  • Before selecting a GPU, you also have to consider upgrading your CPU and RAM. If the RAM or CPU is not up to the required standard, it might bottleneck the GPU. This means that your GPU will not work at its highest capacity which will result in lower efficiency.
  • You can get a high-performance, GPU-based ASA Server from ASA Computers at a reasonable price.
  • There are different temperature, airflow and power requirements for every GPU. Getting a wrong power supply unit can damage your GPU. High temperature can also burn your GPU so make sure to maintain a proper channel for airflow.

ASA Computers

ASA Computers can provide you a reliable GPU-based server which can handle all the complex tasks in less time.ASA Computers, Inc.

To get in touch with ASA Computers for any query or information, you can email at or dial 650-230-8000.

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