Data Storage Solutions

Heavy applications and tasks comprising of spreadsheets, audio files, graphics, databases, presentations, documents, and emails need a lot of disk space.

The technological advancements in the graphics domain have significantly increased the size of video files due to the increase in recording quality. This factor makes it even more important to search for the right kind of data storage solutions to fulfill the growing demands.

So, let’s take a look at the different types of data storage options including ASA Servers.

Online Storage

Apart from researching online, you can benefit from the internet by storing and backing up your data on remote servers.  By making a backup of your precious files on a secure, online server, you can protect your data from being lost or misplaced.

Sharing large files with other people is also easy and simple. By setting a password on your online data and conveying the same password to your partners or clients, you can limit the information from falling in the wrong hands. Moreover, you won’t have to email those storage intensive files every time someone needs them.

Another advantage is that you can access those files from any computer anywhere in the world. All you need is an internet connection for that purpose.

Backing your data on an online server depends on the speed of your internet connection; the faster the connection, the greater the speed of transferring data. For large files, you would need more time or a good internet service provider.

External Hard Drives

This option might not work for you if you need more storage space for a large corporation. However, this is an efficient option for individuals who want to add more storage.

On the other hand, some drawbacks are also associated with the use of external hard drives. You can’t access the files on the internet, so you need to carry the hard drive everywhere to access the data on it.

In case there is a fire or any other incident which damages the hard drive, you will lose all your data if it was not backed up on some other device.

A better option is to consider getting ASA Servers from ASA Computers.

A USB Drive

A flash drive has almost the same purpose as an external hard drive and it is used in the same way as well. However, it is cheaper and more portable than hard drives.

Still, it is not a feasible option for large businesses where an ASA Server can be used to store data.

You Need Many Servers

To handle your growing business requirements, you need reliable storage solutions in order to manage your precious data. ASA Computers, Inc. ASA Computers provides ASA Servers with dedicated CPUs to safely store all the data.

To get in touch with ASA Computers you can email at or dial 650-230-8000.

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