The Change in Data Center Due to Server Virtualization

Although server virtualization was introduced many years ago, it is still considered a new technology. Many people believe that we can’t go back to the old “physical” world as we have deeply rooted ourselves in this technology.

Without server virtualization, you cannot remain in competition with your rivals because it has brought a revolutionary change increasing the overall efficiency of the processes. Still, many organizations and businesses are hesitant to fully incorporate server virtualization which can bring a drastic yet positive change.

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Let’s take a look at why you should jump into this technology.

The Cloud Technology

By reducing your hardware and virtualizing your servers, you can prepare to go into the cloud. You can begin by moving to a private cloud from a simple virtualized data center. At a later stage, you can move out to a cloud hosting facility from your data center.

The wide use of the cloud technology makes it even more important to incorporate it into your server virtualization process.

Extending the Life of Old Applications

Server virtualization helps to extend the lives of older applications and it also maintains uptime. Encapsulate the app and its environment and you are good to go.

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Improving Disaster Recovery

Virtualization is important for any company as it provides three main components of a disaster recovery solution.

Firstly, it reduces the dependency on a specific server model or a hardware vendor. This means that the disaster recovery site does not need to match the production environment by keeping the same kind of hardware. This helps the IT department to save some cash by purchasing cheap hardware because it is not used often.

Secondly, a company can build a reasonably priced replication site by merging servers in order to produce fewer physical machines.

Thirdly, there is an automatic failover process in many server virtualization platforms which helps when a disaster strikes. A disaster recovery failover is also tested by the same software. This means that you can test out the failover plan to see if it actually works or not.

Going Green

It is always great to look for ways to avoid the exhaustion of our daily resources. When you migrate to virtual machines from physical servers and consolidate them into a lesser number of physical servers, you are reducing the cooling costs and the monthly power that is spent on the data center.

Making Server Virtualization Possible

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