Hadoop Technology

Hadoop is an open-source software framework that provides tremendous storage of data. In today’s digital world, data is considered to be the king of all. Big data is used for various important projects, there is a dire need to store the data securely. The best part about Hadoop technology is it doesn’t require preprocessing of data prior to storage. This is a prerequisite when it comes to using the traditional relational database. Also, by adding nodes you can easily increase the storage of data. From data searching to analysis, reporting, and data processing, Hadoop is used in all big data tasks.

Components of Hadoop:

The three core components of Hadoop are:

  1. Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS): It is a primary data storage system. It consists of one main node and multiple data nodes. HDFS is used to store files in the Hadoop environment.
  2. Hadoop Map Reduce: This component adds scalability, flexibility, and speed to Hadoop. There are two tasks performed by the map-reduce programming – map job and reduce job. Map job converts a set of data into another set of data and reduces the job uses the output of map job as its input and merges it into a smaller set. 
  3. Hadoop Yarn: Yarn stands for Yet Another Resource Negotiator. It is a resource management component of Hadoop.

ASA Computers recently launched Hadoop Solution on Supermicro FatTwin™ server with Scale flux Computational Storage Card. The new integrated solution will help organizations improve Hadoop infrastructure by increasing efficiency and performance while lowering costs. ASA is working with Supermicro as an integrator of this technology solution enabling deployments with ScaleFlux computational storage NVME drives.

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