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ASA Computers Inc is pleased to announce the release of a new offering of servers for Immersion Cooling. ASA’s Triton is the first high-density server built specifically for Immersion Cooling. It is not just a bare-bone design with fans removed. Starting with the meticulous engineering of its chassis, manufactured in the USA, then onto high-end componentry – CPU, Memory, NVME SSD, GPUs; the Triton server is a custom-designed, custom manufactured, ultra-dense computing machine in a single 1U node.

Often associated with high-density servers are the excessive heat generated. Since Triton was engineered for Immersion cooling, the additional heat is a non-factor due to the effective cooling properties of the tank fluid that has a larger cooling surface area than conventional air-cooled data centers. The operating temperatures are regulated within a specific range allowing for components and the overall system to perform in optimal conditions.

ASA TRITON Server Solutions

Features & Benefits

  • Multi-GPU optimized thermal designs for highest performance and reliability.
  • Advanced GPU interconnect options for best efficiency and lowest latency.
  • Leading GPU architectures based on NVIDIA GPUs and NVMe SSDs.
  • Dedicated full x16 Bandwidth by taking advantage of the AMD Rome processor with 128 x PCI-e x16 lanes.

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ASA Computers

Founded in 1989, ASA Computers is based in Fremont, California, and is privately held. ASA Computers is a recognized leader in server products with solutions for Enterprise systems, Storage, HPC, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence. ASA has been manufacturing server equipment in the Silicon Valley for over three decades.

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