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One of the important factors that lead to the proper working of your organization is network switches. They not only keep employees and your clients across the world connected but also takes care of data transfer from one device to another. There are various factors involved when you consider buying a switch. These include speed, number of ports, power of ethernet, stackable /standalone, etc.

With a variety of options available in the market, it’s difficult to choose which switch would suit your organization best. So, to make your life easy, we have listed down types of switches along with their applications and advantages:

Types of Switches

  • Ethernet Switches: These are also known as Local area network switches and Active switches. The main feature of these switches is the appropriate allocation of bandwidth. This leads to the correct transfer of data from one point to another and thus leads to a reduction in network traffic. Ethernet Switches are of two types:
  • Fixed Switches: As the name suggests they have a fixed number of ports and cannot be expanded. They come with 3 types, unmanaged, partially managed and managed.
    • The Unmanaged switches are best for small businesses and homes, as they cannot be managed and thus cannot be used for large businesses.
    • On the contrary, the organizations having large networks, Managed switches are the best option. Though they are costly, they have high scalability and high security.
    • Partially managed switches act as a middleman between the unmanaged and managed switches. They have basic management features and are a lot cheaper than the managed ones. The companies that use VoIP phones can use these types of switches.
  • Modular Switches: These switches offer expansion options into the switches. The important factor of these switches is their flexibility.
  • Routers: This is one of the most famous switches available in the market. As you must be aware routers are connected to networks and transmit data along with the networks. These are very commonly used electronic devices that connect to LANs and WLANs.
  • POE Switch: POE stands for Power over Ethernet. These types of switches can carry both power and data during the same time and that too on a single cable. They offer high flexibility.

ASA Computers Inc. is a global solution provider and leader in server products, computing, and networking. The company is in business for 30 years. One of the major product offerings by ASA Computers is Switches. We offer switches that support 100 Gbe throughput and work with a range of operating systems. Moreover, front and rear fans on models provide exceptional cooling of units. We make sure your whole enterprise can reach the data it needs.

Improve your access to company data with the use of gigabit ethernet switches. Connect multiple locations and link thousands of devices to Intel Xeon-powered rackmount servers on your premises or in remote locations.

Visit our website at https:/www.asacomputers.com/switches.html. You can also contact us at +1 (650) 230-8000 or mail us at sales@asacomputers.com.

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