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Rackmount Servers

As the name suggests a rackmount server is basically a server that is installed or mounted on a rack. These racks are horizontal and have multiple slots wherein multiple servers can be placed or stacked one above the other. It helps manage the network resources in a much-organized way. The rackmount servers are available in various sizes such as 1U, 2U, 3U, 4U, 5U, 6U and 7U. The Electronic Industries Association (EIA) has defined these sizes and depending on your needs the right size can be used. The two important factors to be considered while installing rackmount servers are the ventilation and ample amount of storage space availability.

Advantages of Rackmount Servers:

Placing the PCs on server racks have a remarkable advantage that many people are still unaware of. Rackmount Servers are of great use to the high-tech companies and those who house data centers. Not only these, but they also are of great usage to internet service providers, companies that perform 3D animations and video editing. Let’s look at the benefits that these servers offer :

1.Easy to use: If you are a beginner and you want to own a server, rackmount servers would be a great option for you. These are easy to use and have fewer technical issues to deal with. Thus, it will make your experience less intimidating.

2. Saves space: As the servers are stacked one above the other, there’s a lot more space available. Contrary to this in the case of the tower servers, as they are kept in the vertical direction, they don’t have enough space to keep lots of hard drives in one place.

3. Security: A great advantage of placing your PCs in racks is that it protects your hardware. Placing it inside a cabinet will keep it away from the dust. Also, it’s less accident-prone and protected from climate change.

4. Cooling: There is a proper flow of air in racks which helps keeps the servers cool. Also, the entire temperature of the area is maintained at a temperature wherein the systems can run smoothly without any hindrance.

5. Power Management: Rackmount servers have great power management ability. As all the PCs are stacked horizontally, it becomes easy to supply steady power throughout. This also reduces the chances of power disruptions and blackouts.

If you or your company needs massive scalability, then rackmount servers are the best option to have.

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