Signs That You Should Move to Legacy Technology

Many businesses around the world are realizing how cost-effective and productive virtualization is when compared to legacy technology. Researchers peg the worth of the virtualization market to $3.75 billion in 2017, which will grow exponentially to a value of $9.06 by 2022.

That said, there are many IT sectors that still remain skeptical about virtualization, they would rather follow the doctrine of the old adage, “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.” Yet the numerous advantages that virtualization provides to small businesses is unmatched. In this regard, this article will discuss 4 signs that it’s time to move your business to a virtualized environment.

Legacy System That Experiences a Lot of Downtimes

It is common for outdated legacy systems to constantly crash and result in several hours of downtime that require on-going support by 24/7 IT staff members. When the system does come back online, it is too slow and cumbersome to use. This is because the system resources are already over-utilized, a sign that the legacy technology should be virtualized.

Official Support by Vendors Stopped

Most vendors regularly provide updates and patches to their devices, at least on a yearly basis. Applying these patches can be a challenge to businesses, but when support for legacy technology has been ended by vendor support, it only adds to the difficulty. Updating the software requires continuous investments in time and money.

Over time, the costs quickly spiral out of control as smaller businesses scramble to keep their budgets under control. The simple truth is that providing timely software updates and patches to a legacy technology that no longer receives direct support from vendors is impossible. It’s a sign that your business infrastructure should be moved to a virtualized environment.

Legacy Technology is No Longer Robust to Meet Growing Needs

As your business grows its daily state of operations, it becomes increasingly difficult for legacy technology to keep up the pace with growing requirements. Unless your staff can access systems and business data by mobile means, your productivity levels will only dwindle.

This is why virtualization is so important because it brings access to 24/7 cloud-based SaaS services from anywhere in the world to provide unmatched uptime to your business. Virtualization is a great way to keep your business safe from disastrous events, natural or otherwise.

Too Many Security Breaches

Old IT infrastructures often have glaring cybersecurity vulnerabilities that are just waiting for opportunists to hack into. It isn’t possible for businesses to identify and fix these vulnerabilities because this would require too much investment of resources, but not doing so would expose them to cybercriminals. It is simply worth to move to the safe havens provided by a virtualized environment.

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