Best Performing Rackmount 1U Servers

Rackmount servers are useful for storing data, especially when a higher level of security is needed to safeguard sensitive information. With their capability for maintaining large data sets, they are excellent for both SMEs and large organizations in terms of storing data efficiently. Let’s have a look at one of the best rackmount servers (1U) for 2018.

Dual AMD EPYC 1U Rackmount Server

This server boasts of the powerful dual AMD EPYC 7000-series processors. The server is equipped with SoC (socket on chip), and its storage solution has given rise to unseen levels of optimization and performance. As a result, its watt per dollar value is excellent. Moreover, its enhanced bandwidth for memory, I/O capacity, and robust core density combine to place it as a worthy contender for one of the best rackmount servers in the industry. What’s more is that it can facilitate support for 32 cores and a DDR4 memory of 4TB!

1U Dual Socket Scalable Family Rackmount Server 2

One of the rackmount servers that have been making rounds around the industry is that with Intel Xeon’s “scalable” technology. But how exactly is this technology useful? Let’s explain four of its primary uses.

  1. Communications

    These rackmount servers facilitate organizations in achieving quick delivery for their services with optimum efficiency. This is done with the help of hardware acceleration and functionalities that work well with a packet, control, signal processing, and application.

  2. HHigh-Performance Computing

    In the HPC industry, these servers have been critical in adding a massive edge to the vector processing. As a result, organizations have been achieving better results with the use of fewer servers, thereby making it a win-win situation that meets budgetary and performance expectations.

  3. Enterprise and Cloud

    Service Level Agreements or SLAs have become trickier and stricter with the evolution of cloud computing technologies as the industry rapidly gained traction and stability within a decade. Fortunately, these rackmount servers are promising due to their ability to address SLAs requirements, no matter how stringent they appear to be. Thus, organizations reap benefits in the form of quick response times.

  4. Storage

    These servers guarantee access to deterministic storage response.

Dual Socket 1U Rackmount Server Redundant Platinum 10GBase-T

These servers come with the famed Xeon E5-2600 v4 family. They have facilitated businesses to get greater results in addition to helping them shift to the latest SDI or software-defined infrastructure.

This server has been designed for the two-socket server model while the Xeon family has increased the cache and cores by almost 20 percent. As a result, the memory has become more powerful while integrated technologies for supporting vector processing and DB transactions have added a new dimension to the servers.

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