How to Build a PC

Building a personal computer is exciting if you know which components should you buy and put together. Assembling a PC takes some patience and you might even have to wait for days to find the part which you were looking for.

If you want the component at the best price possible, then you will have to wait and thoroughly search for it. Fortunately,  ASA Computers can help you to shorten your search by providing reliable products.

Nowadays, it is common to purchase a pre-built system from a shop or an online store. However, many people don’t know the importance of selecting different components, according to their budget and requirements, and putting them together. If you build a system yourself, you will know where to look in case a system fault occurs. In this article, we will explain how you can build a PC from scratch.


Your first task is to choose a processor. If you are a gamer and have a high budget you can consider getting a 7th generation i9 processor. It is really fast in terms of performance and speed. Processors are like a brain of the machine so make sure you choose a good one. You can also consider getting a Xeon processor from ASA Computers as they are cheaper.


This is the main circuit board where almost all the parts are fitted. It is better to choose a newer motherboard as older ones don’t have support for new graphics cards and RAMs.


Buying more RAM means that your system’s performance will increase, but it will also be more expensive. For latest games or for high performance computing needs, you will need at least 8 to 16 GB RAM but for ordinary usage, even 4 GB is enough. Make sure to buy a RAM from a reliable vendor such as ASA Computers.

You should buy a power supply after considering future upgrades. Getting a low wattage power supply can damage your system so make sure you choose the right one. To get an idea you can refer to your graphics card wattage which can tell you how much power you really need.


SSDs are way faster than HDDs but also more expensive. In many systems you can plug in both at the same time.


If you are a geek and seeing all your PC components makes you happy, then you might not need a casing. However, a casing makes sure that the parts are protected from dust and damage. It is better to buy a cheap good-quality casing instead of an attractive one.

Graphics Card

You only need a dedicated GPU if you play games or use high-performance applications. Asking your gamer friends and posting in forums for suggestions is a good way to make the right choice.ASA Computers, Inc.

You need to wisely select all these components to build a decent PC. Alternatively, you can contact ASA Computers to get your professional workstations delivered. Their email address is

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