Why You Need a Server for your Small Business

Many people believe that servers are reserved for larger businesses that deal with enormous amounts of data, such as Google and Microsoft. The truth is that servers are highly versatile tools that can benefit both small scale and larger scale businesses. You just need to find custom-tailored solutions to fit your business requirements. At ASA Computers, we can help you do just that.

But if you’re still not sold out on the idea of using servers for your small business this article is for you.

Servers Add Reliability to Your Business

Every enterprise wants a reliable framework that doesn’t fail when it is needed the most. If that’s how you would define your business goals, then having a server can make all the difference. Consider an example, where you have a few PCs on one network connection. If even one of them fails, the entire system goes down until you are able to address the problem and diagnose it successfully.

This is where a server can stand out when it comes to dealing with such a pressing issue. Redundant hardware isn’t allowed to compromise the integrity of the entire system because the server handles these problems at a moment’s notice. This means that it is business as usual even if a computer breaks down.

Server Provides you With Network Security

This is the most important benefit of severs. Severs achieve this by creating individual accounts and groups, different users can be assigned access to these groups based on the nature of their work. This helps reduce instances of unauthorized access because every user only has access to specific areas that you approved.

As an example, your HR team will not interfere with or have access to the data of your sales team and vice versa. This is true even if the entire data is present on the same server.

Servers Give you Access to Remote Functionality

Servers allow you to add more than 2 remote users on the network simultaneously. You can add as many remote users as you want to make your business tasks easier. Your employees who want to avail flexible work hours will be more than happy to finish their assignments from the comforts of their home. Geographical barriers are no longer a concern and some of your more important employees can continue working from different countries without any hassles.

You Get a Backup Facility

Hard drives are prone to failure, and when they go down, several terabytes of important data gets corrupted along with them. Machine failure and human error are the two flaws in your system that you cannot account for 100% of the time. Servers are helpful because they add a comprehensive backup solution on a centralized storage area that is virtually incorruptible.

This means you no longer have to worry about data losses in the future and bolster workplace productivity levels all the same.

Seeking powerful servers for your business but don’t know where to start?

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