Different Types of Servers

When you want to buy a new server, you will find yourself presented with three main choices: blade, rack, or tower.

To help you in making the right decision, let’s discuss these different types of servers which you can easily purchase from ASA Computers.

Blade Servers

Blade servers are a little more difficult to expand than rack and tower servers. Many tower servers have more disk drives and PCI Express slots to provide better expansion options. However, blade servers might have just two to four internal hard disks.

Blade servers also have less I/O expansion slots. Custom built expansion cards are used in most blade servers, although some servers might have PCI Express expansion slots.

The advantage of blade servers is that they meet the server density and raw computing power requirements. Another benefit of these servers is that they require less cabling since most of the connections are internally wired. Therefore, your server room will look neater.

If you need blade servers, you can get them from ASA Computers. If you add new blade servers, ASA servers can easily slide into the available slots.

Tower Servers

Although tower servers might look old-fashioned, they are normally cheaper than others. If you have many of these servers they can be difficult to manage as they take a lot of space. You also cannot stack them on one another.

Some companies move to rack servers when they expand. Conversion kits are used to turn the tower server into a rackmount server. Tower servers are mostly found in small places.

Wiring tower servers can be difficult as they need separate keyboards, monitors, etc. If you want a neat environment, you can consider getting another type of server.

Rack Servers

Rack servers come in different sizes. You have more expansion options if you get a bigger server. These servers are quite common. Since most racks have cable management, these servers can make your place look tidy and organized.

You still need lots of cables to wire the servers, however, the racks will help you to manage the cabling. Rack servers have much better expansion options than other servers. Moreover, many of these servers can hold many RAMs to meet your large computing needs.

ASA Computers offer different kinds of rackmount servers. ASA servers come in 1U, 2U, 3U and 4U sizes.

The Final Verdict

Tower servers are better when you need one or two servers. Rack servers

ASA Computers, Inc.

are a good choice if you need 3 to 24 servers. If you need more than 24 servers, then you should choose blade servers. ASA Computers can provide you with all these different types of servers. You can also get virtualization and storage servers from them. If you need any information about ASA servers, you can email at sales@asacomputers.com.

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