A Review of Ampere Altra: What You Need to Know

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As demands on your data center continue to grow, does your current technology align with your business needs and goals? If you answered no, you are far from alone. Whether you are building out a data center or investing in new server hardware, finding the right technology can be challenging. With so many options available, how can you determine which hardware is right for your business goal?

To help you make the right decision for your business that solves today’s challenges and readies you for tomorrow’s success, we explore the benefits of ARM-based server solution – Ampere Altra.

What is Ampere Altra?

The Ampere Altra is an ARM-based server processor and is based on RISC architecture which executes one instruction per clock cycle. While x86 processors used to be the norm, ARM-based processors are coming into the playing field with advantages that make them a viable competitor. The Ampere Altra is unique in that it offers more improved performances, and increased power efficiency.
When you opt to power your datacenter with Ampere-based computing solutions, you can anticipate the following benefits:


The Ampere processor is priced well below the current top-end x86 counterparts but provides far superior price-per-performance and higher core count.

Built-in Security

The Ampere platform comes equipped with built-in security features that are especially optimized for cloud use cases.


Designed with performance and scalability in mind, the Ampere-based platform leads in power/core and multi-socket support that can truly allow your infrastructure to grow.

Energy Efficiency

Power optimized by design and the 7nm processor technology, the Ampere Altra processors pack more cores than other data center class processors.


Data center demands are growing daily. You need a solution that can meet you where you need to be tomorrow. By opting to adopt Ampere Altra ARM-based technology in your data center, you can reap the benefits of reduced costs and power, all while ensuring easy scalability as your center grows. For more information on Ampere Altra solutions, check out the options here.

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