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Rackmount servers come in various form factors such as 1u, 2u, 3u, 4u, etc. Twin servers are unique servers wherein two computer nodes are present in 1U, making it a 0.5 U form factor. These are great for high performing computing. The unique selling point (USP) of this server is that it is cost-effective. Another one is that its’ processing power density is almost double that of the 1U server.

ASA Computers Inc.

ASA Computers are a global solutions provider and leader in server products, computing, and networking since 1989. ASA’s bestselling rackmount servers offer expandable storage for businesses and individuals.

At ASA Computers, we offer a range of Twin Servers. With the memory range from 64 GB – 1TB and HDD types of SATA, SAS and SDD they also come with options such as redundant power, 80+ Power supply, and titanium level redundant power supplies. Our Datacenter consulting services help you identify and meet goals using enterprise hardware and system planning that moves your data quickly and keeps it secure.

Check out the top 7 products :

1.Dual Socket 2U Rackmount Server TwinPro 10 GBASE – T

2.Dual Socket 2U Rackmount Server TwinPro IB FDR

3.Dual Socket 2U Rackmount Server TwinPro2

4.Dual Socket 2U Rackmount Server TwinPro2 10GBASE-T

 5.Dual Socket 2U Rackmount Server TwinPro2 HDD

6.Dual Socket Rackmount Server 2U TwinPro 2

7.Dual Socket Rackmount Server 2U Twinpro2 IB FDR

You can also find the entire product list here :

Let us know what you think about Twin Servers. Also if you have any questions, you can reach out at and also call us at 6502308000.

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