How Application Integration Can Take Your Business to Uncharted Heights

No matter which business you manage, everyone has to use computer software to perform several tasks. A study illustrates the fact the SMB (small-to-medium businesses) use around 14 separate applications on average. These software solutions are targeted to address the requirements of all departments like marketing, sales, IT, accounting, and HR.

However, the fact that they are separated does not allow for maximum output. This is where application integration shines as an extremely effective solution. Application integration facilitates businesses to connect all of their software, which in turn has a positive impact on the output.

Productivity and Timely Information

Simply put, the addition of application integration in the scene can do wonders for your productivity. One area where productivity can noticeably increase is the data entry. In traditional setups with separate software, the same set of information has to be typed into each of the application.

On the other hand, application integration ensures that once you have fed your information in a single application, then the same application can be accessed by other systems too. As the high waiting times are reduced, integration greatly increases productivity. In the past, employees had to contact other departments to receive a piece of information. Thus, considerable time was lost in between dialing the other departments and obtaining the necessary information.

Luckily, with application integration, you can escape such ordeals and ensure that your employees are able to get their hands on any required information immediately.

The production of timely information from integration applications can assist your organization in quickly adjust itself according to industry trends and market sentiments. In this way, you can figure out the best strategies for future. As a result, you can carve your own path and stand out from the rest of your competitors.

Enhancing Customer Satisfaction and Retention

When separate applications are used, the data from customer is also stored in different independent components. The information involving sales, lead generation, and marketing requires collaborated efforts between different departments. You may try to add all of the tasks from these processes in each of the system, but without proper integration, you cannot connect with your employees.

With an integrated setup, you can improve the collaboration between your employees who cannot only exchange important information but also pinpoint issues and troubleshoot them. For instance, if a sales agent has recorded the complaints of a customer, then the marketing team can access that information to improve their advertisements. As a result, the figures for customer satisfaction and retention can experience a new rise.

Do you have separate software working in your business? If you do, then we recommend you to shed these old programs and move towards the modern and more successful application integration solutions. Do not worry about its configuration. We at ASA Computers can take a look at your software and produce a tailored solution which can fulfill your requirements and improve the efficiency of your processes.

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